Conceived in Feb 14, we started with 'Raised Doughnuts' with the passion and commitment for Taste, Quality, Timeliness and Variety. On getting an overwhelming postive encouragements and feedbacks, we have added other varieties like Pies, Tarts, Puffs, Quiche, Muffins, Cupcakes, Calzones, Pizzas, (the thinking cap is always ONN)... Even they have created magic.

Our Principles & Approach

We make sure that the ingredients used for our baking are of high standards from well known brands. NO COMPROMISE at all.
Good and fresh ingredients are key for good taste.

Our commitment is to have the best taste in our delights with moderate usage of sugar and fat. Our constant learning builds the confidence to deliver.
Practice makes a man (Chef) perfect

All our products are freshly made based on the daily demands. No preservatives are used. This helps in having good and fresh taste in our creations with minimal wastage.
One day at a time

We take utmost care of the environment and hygiene conditions in which the treats are conceived, given forms and packaged for delivery. NO COMPROMISE at all.
Hygiene is always above all

We are confident that these goodies will surely leave a long-lasting craving with your taste buds and make the get-together a memorable one. Come include us by making our treats part of your small and big celebrations !!